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The male escort industry in Melbourne has started in the last ten years really, and started to take off just recently. It's an exciting time, and the team is proud to showcase some of the best escorts here.
A lot of women want a more personalised service than seeing someone who works for an escort agency.. They want an independent male escort, personal, and professional.
All of our escorts are exerienced, and provide the best service possible.
Our team here at Male escorts Melbourne escorts provides a profile of each of our escorts, and you can get in direct contact with them, and go from there. 
We love providing the best male escorts here, at Male escorts Melbourne escorts.
Our guys at your call, and waiting to please you...

As well as providing a safe and secure place for women to find a male escort, we also want male clients to be able to find what they are looking for as well. 
For the gents, we have in our team some of the finest gay male escorts in Victoria and Melbourne, ready to serve..
We also have a lot of transgender escorts, all of whom provide a very high level of service, and are each truly amazing in their own regard.
All of our team here at Male escorts Melbourne escorts is experienced, professional, discreet, and safe.
We only bring the best escorts to you.