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Male Escorts Melbourne Escorts Team - The Future is Here!                                                                                    

July 25 2016                     

Finally, we're here!

Male Escorts Melbourne Escorts is THE place to search for straight male escorts for women; gay male escorts for men; and transgender/transsexual escorts.

All our escorts are independent, and answer to no one except you!

While women are realising that they can have what they want, and choose, for whatever reason, to spend time with a male escort, unfortunately some people calling themselves male escorts have taken advantage of women, and provided a service that is rather unsatisfactory. We can't stand that happening, and so have brought together a team of independent escorts who are all about safety and pleasure for you. 

If you do have any complaints about our escort's services, let us know, and we'll be right onto it!

As well as having the best selection of heterosexual male escorts for women, we have also brought the finest gay male escorts into our team.

As if that wasn't enough, we've even brought on board the best selection of transgender and transsexual escorts.

At Male Escorts Melbourne Escorts, we aim to please....

Best selection of male escorts

October 12 2016

Here at Male Escorts Melbourne Escorts Team, we've selected the best male escorts, so you know that you're choosing from the best of the best.

There are a lot of male escorts out there who are unprofessional, so we make sure to do a proper vetting, to make sure we provide the best companionship possible.

Our guys are professional, and really know how to turn you on!

Of course being individual, and independent, they all have their own unique personalities and attributes, which they bring to the table (or, perhaps more appropriately, to the bed!).

Our guys thank you in advance for getting in touch!


Why to see a male escort?

March 2, 2017

Why to see a male escort?

There are plenty of reasons to see a male escort! Some clients see our guys because they may be feeling unloved, and need a pick-me-up, or they might have decided they would like to have control in their life to do what they want. And why not?

Some clients just like to know that they can have amazing sex, whenever they want.. And with no strings attached!

Whatever your reason, we have brought together the best male escorts in Melbourne.. So that pleasure can now be just a click away!



August 17, 2017

Our website is flourishing. Male Escorts Melbourne Team is the place to find straight male escorts for women in Melbourne!

We have a stunning array of the best male escorts in Victoria. Some of our most recent members of the team include Dominic, and the talented Laurent. These guys just don't know how to disappoint! We just keep moving forward.

As well as being the home of male escorts for women, we also have a lot of delicious transgender escorts.

Get in touch with us today, to find out what WE can do for YOU!


2018! Is the time to book your male escort

February 5 2018

A new year, and a new You.

There has never been a better time to book a male escort.

Whatever you are looking for, our guys here have what it takes to make you feel great, and have an experience to remember!

While we are already a month into the New year, now is the time to take a fresh start. 

It's time for you, to make time for you.


Because there ain't no 'I' in team                                                                                      

August 1 2016

Our website has been launched, and is getting hits already.. On our way to going global!

We will be one of the most visited websites to find male escorts for women in melbourne.. As well as male escorts for men in melbourne.. And transsexual escorts in melbourne.

At our team, all of our escorts are created equal. We are a collection of the best independent male escorts in melbourne, and we provide a safe advertising place for all of our members.

Because there ain't no 'I' in team! 

Male escorts melbourne escorts team..

Happy Festive Season!

December 4 2016

Welcome, to summer 2016, to the festive season!

All of our guys and girls here at Male Escorts Melbourne Escorts Team wish you a merry festive season, and a Happy New Year! :)

And of course if you'd like to add a little intimacy to your festive season, or the new year...


You know where to find us... :)


Melbourne Male Escorts Forum

August 26 2016

The best place to find male escorts for women in Melbourne; male escorts for men; as well as transgender escorts!

We're gaining more visitors, and have already had a few of our escort team let us know that they've already got new clients from our website.. And that's a great thing!!!

Expanding from here, and not stopping.

We want to bring you our genuine escorts, so you don't get some dodgy guys. As there are a lot of them out there unfortunately, who are dodgy, making our industry look bad.

We have created Melbourne's first and only forum about male escorts, where you can publicly and yet anonymously share your experiences with them, or ask any questions. Discuss anything. How cool is that?!

Why don't you go to our forum, and say Hi anonymously? :)


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